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LYLP Summer Program

2023 Pre-registration is now open for 2022 LYLP participants and their siblings only.

More info is available on the Camp page. Open Registration begins April 1st!

Note: Parents must submit health records in order to register a child.

The Lowell Youth Leadership Program serves youth 10 - 16 years of age and is held at the Greater Lowell Technical School’s campus.  The program runs from 8am - 1pm each day where LYLP campers will be enriched with activities that develop their physical, emotional, and social aspects to create better leaders to their communities.  This will include daily fun swims,  sports such as track and field and basketball.  LYLP campers will also be enriched with art and music, community service, debate, leadership skills, and project adventure. These programs will be taught by volunteers, trained counselors, and paid employees.  Our program will also provide the campers with  breakfast, lunch, and transportation at no cost to the camper.  





Health & Safety

Staff & volunteers will  be trained, pass background checks, and supervised at all times. On-site nurse for both weeks. 



Free breakfast and lunch for each day including a pizza day and two cookouts!


Emotional Development

Activities centered on mindfulness,  self-awareness, self-discipline. Activities centered on getting along with others. Listening, communicating, trust, team building,...



Free bus rides to camp each day from neighborhood  bus stops to Greater Lowell Technical High School. Pick-up is at 7am. Drop-off is at 2pm.


Physical Development

Daily swim lessons!, Track and field! Basketball! Golf!  And more!



Art, music, and dance! 


As someone who lived in the housing projects for 8 years after losing our apartment to a fire,  I know how important it is for a positive summer experience.  Before NYSP, our summers consisted of boredom and several negative activities as we found “things” to do around our neighborhood as our parents tried to make ends meet.  With NYSP, I feel as if I was given a better life because I was able to attend the summer camp and get first-time experiences in many areas like new sports, new food, positive support staff, college campus, new friends and so much more.  There are so many disadvantaged youth in our city that will not have access to these types of experiences and will continue to be engulfed in a negative view of our city.  Therefore, I want to help provide a break in that cycle and provide opportunities to our youth of Lowell so they can reach their potential and create a new more positive normal for their lives. I believe with the work being done with LYLP, we will be able to start on this journey to achieve this goal and create a positive legacy of leadership. - Sam Hor - LYLP Leadership team

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